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On-demand Hardware Expertise
Overcome challenges by connecting with hardware specialists.

Connect with Experts

We match you with industry experts to overcome challenges with your hardware project.

Find Solutions Quickly

Leverage the collective experience of our community to overcome hardware issues.

Build Better Hardware

Learn from experts, optimize your designs and resolve complex hardware challenges.

Work with the Best Engineers

We’re built on specialization and diversity, these are a few of the people who make it happen.

Lance Carlson

Lance Carlson

EE & Manufacturing Expert

Lance has designed numerous electronic products and has supported these products in manufacturing operations and customer facilities all over the world.

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Bal Soora

Bal Soora

Hardware Expert & Photographer

Bal is an electrical engineer with extensive experience successfully delivering analog and digital designs, from concept and prototype stages to manufacturing.

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Jeff Katz

Jeff Katz

Electrical & Computer Engineer

Jeff has a rare mix of software and hardware experience. Everything from hardware design, through firmware and infrastructure to front end development.

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Mike Helsel

Mike Helsel

Controls Engineer

Mike is an Industrial Controls engineer with a history in Automotive R&D and medical device manufacturing and design, line control, robotics and machine vision.

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We're working on...

For Hardware Consultation

Perfect for design reviews, debugging, and general advice. Consult an expert via video chat and screensharing.
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For Hardware Development

Work along side an engineer and develop your product. The organized dashboard keeps you and the engineer on the same page. Ideal for Mechanical and Electrical development.
Explore the Dashboard

Feasibility Assesment

Determine the best approach for a hardware project by consulting industry experts.

Electrical Design

Improve schematic designs and PCB Layouts by working with experienced Engineers.

Firmware Development

Fix firmware bugs and develop working code more efficiently for your hardware design.


Overcome stubborn problems by working directly with an industry expert.

Mechanical Design

Improve CAD designs by working with qualified Mechanical Engineers.

Design Review

Receive expert input on existing designs and ensure your design has no flaws.

Who we're for


Entrepeneurs and Hackers, Small teams and late nights. Design early, revise often. Early stage prototypes, low volume runs and crowd funding raises.


Strength and Experience helps with product development but Internal Engineering resources are scarce – access top engineers when you need them most.


Find those who are most familiar with your product and tap into their real-life experiences. Opportunities for cross promotion,  co-marketing, and more.

Flexible Pricing



/ Hour
  • Engineers familiar with the latest technology.
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/ Hour
  • Advanced problem solvers and career professionals.
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/ Hour
  • Decades of experience for the hardest challenges.
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/ Hour
  • Directed, designed, and manufactured at scale.
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We'll assemble the perfect team and provide an estimate for your project.
Hire the best Hardware Engineers today!

Some common questions we're asked

What is ProtoExchange?

ProtoExchange provides access to top Hardware Engineers for consultation and development. See How it Works!

What work is typically performed?

Our Engineers help with Consultation and Development. Consultation includes Technical Discussion and Design/Firmware Review. Development projects are typically longer-running and produce Mechanical and/or Electrical designs.

How does ProtoExchange work?

ProtoExchange matches clients to experts for engineering assistance. Engineers are paid at hourly rates and ProtoExchange escrows funds to protect all parties. Communication occurs through Video Chat and our Development Environment.

What are the advantages of ProtoExchange?

ProtoExchange minimizes the risk of hardware development by hosting a community of experts who can spot problems early, saving you time and money later.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We're a small company with a limited R&D budget and ProtoExchange gave us superb value for every dollar we spent.
Kirk DackowPresident of Capstone Innovations
The organized dashboard kept our team focused and on-schedule for product development.
Mike KasparianCTO of Atlas Wearables
Get Help from Hardware Experts.