Company Update

In 2012, we set out to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. Our objective was to make manufacturing accessible to everyone, enabling clients and manufacturers to scale their operations on-demand (without risky capital investment). We hoped to become the manufacturing infrastructure of the future.

During our journey we were exposed to great engineers, manufacturers, and clients; we discovered what worked, what didn’t, and many other opportunities that affected the manufacturing industries.

Unfortunately, our attempts to change the face of manufacturing weren’t aligning with our original vision. As a result, we’ve opted to step away from ProtoExchange and re-evaluate our position in the manufacturing sector.

Our platform will remain accessible to all of our clients until May 27th, 2015. Any files, communications, and invoices will be available for download from the ProtoExchange dashboard. If you have any questions or need assistance during our transition, please reach out to "[email protected]" and we’re more than happy to help!